The Art of Chord Melody is an album recorded in January 2019 at Mozart Studios(NJ). This record represent the unique interpretation even made of some of the most beautiful jazz standards performed on a 6 strings electric bass, using the Chord Melody technique, usually reserved to guitar players.

It is no doubt, one of the most original works currently touring and it shows the maturity of one of the most amazing bass players in the world, the Chilean musician Christian Gálvez. Galvez is working around the Chord Melody technique since over 25 years and has created a new path, a total original contribution to the modern bass playing. 

The tone, the texture, the sound itself of his performance provides a new angle, a new way to enjoy beautiful worldwide famous jazz pages.

Some of the greatest double bass players in activity has been seduced by the idea: Ron Carter, John Patitucci, Eddie Gomez, Dave Young, Pat O'Leary and the young double bass promises Jorge Roeder and Pablo Menares, make part of these elegant duos.

Tours are being programmed on 2019 and 2020 with Eddie Gomez, Ron Carter and Jorge Roeder.



“Christian Galvez is a bass virtuoso. His talent and abilities are very rare. Virtuosity is one thing, but Christian also has melody and the sensibility to know when to be a virtuoso and when to be a supportive bass player.
That is even more rare! 
Frank Gambale

"Christian Galvez is a very inventive, sensitive musician who if given the right musical information, can make a modest musical offering into a musical banquet."
Billy Cobham


Cristian is a bass playing Pat Martino, a great technically wonderful bass player.

He belongs in the small group of the young new modern bass geniuses. 
Jeff Berlin

What can I say about Mr. Christian Galvez,
Other than he is perhaps one of the greatest bass players of our time, Christian have serious music capabilities to play anything and everything's which is pretty special my eyes.
Dennis Chambers